Monday, October 8, 2007

Amber Stautzenberger 003 Blog Exercise

This is a site about the movie Saw. Jigsaw basically takes you through the story of the movie by interacting with the mouse, by clicking, dragging, or hovering. Usually there is a scribble moving around letting you know where to place the mouse. The colors chosen for each scene as well as the saturation and lighting make the images and animations eerie, which is exactly what the movie is. It's always a different, but interesting composition for each animation and picutre. I suppose Flash was used to for all the interaction and animations on the site. There is a lot of laying usage. By clicking on the X in the upper left corner of the page it gives you a timer. Under the timer you can click any of the four options to see different scenes of the movie and it walks you through those. In the beginning when you click on the two shards of glass, it asks for your name, your fear, and a person you love and at the end of about thirty minutes (takes forever) I thought something was supposed to happen because of the information I gave, but I didn't see a thing...only part I didn't like, especially cus I sat there for thirty minutes.

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