Sunday, October 7, 2007

John Manning Digital Design Section 002

I found this website (Media Inspiration: the designers resource) while looking through countless digital media sites on Google. I really like this website because it allows the artists to submit their works in the gallery. Media Inspiration showcases artists of various genres from web designers, flash artists and animators to more traditional arts like photography and painting. If you click on the gallery tab you can choose between many of these types of art. There are hundreds of submissions from artists all over the world. My personal favorite were the graphic artists works that had been submitted. Their use of programs like Photoshop 7 and CorelDRAW show the awesome capabilities of these programs and the endless possibilities of the creative mind. This is very inspiring for the beginning graphic artist. The website also allows the viewer the opportunity to contact the artist or go to the artists own personal website if a link has been provided. Check it out!

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