Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jennifer Forney Digital Design Sec 002


I stumbled onto this site by accident, actually. It's the website for the Cocoon Club, something that seems to be a very hip and trendy... well, club. I found it fairly interesting that because of the image the club is obviously trying to portray, they had to make their website reflect that, as well. And they most certainly did.

To start off, the colors are carefully chosen to reflect the nightlife that everyone attending these types of things tend to gravitate towards. Even though there are little more than dots of colors, it is arranged in manner to reflect city lights. The layout itself is actually very simplistic but modern, and it pulls your attention to the center fairly easily. (Which is a good thing, considering that's where all the information lies.) When clicking on an item menu, there are short animations that unfold while loading. They come in the form of shapes, black and whtie, and eventually disperse to reveal the information that you were looking for.

Navigation is also fairly simplified. I like how the information presented is not necessarily cluttered with visual media. Instead, all things visual are nicely spaced out around around the information rather than interrupting it. It's very clean-cut and oozes of "cool" and "this is one place where you know you want to bring your friends if you want to impress them". And this is just my general impression by looking at the design and layout. I didn't necessarily take any of the actual text into account.

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