Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ashlie Spears 002

After scouring the web I found a site loaded with different digital media artists and their work. After browsing over several artists and their works I picked a piece called 'Where we dream escape'by Wae Wood. His ecclectic work really stuck out to me and his use of digital media.
This piece depicts a sort of mad scientists lair where his dreams or ideas are being put into production. The artists only uses two primary colors against a background of tints of gray. The colors are also used maybe once or twice and gives the piece a eerie or horror feel. The piece was created from compilation of different ordinary images and once brought together created this laboratory image.
Overall I found the piece intringuing and unusual, but a source for new ideas. The artists use of this media was fascinating and I also liked the fact that he used so few colors and a repition of the few objects within to create an intringuing piece. [main site] [artwork]

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