Thursday, October 4, 2007

whitney phillips s003
This website showcases Nessim Higson's personal and commercial work. I think the website itself is an amazing example of good digital design, but I will focus more on one of his projects. When you go to the website, choose showcase from the menu, then click "ADOBE" on the left navigation bar. This is a commissioned collaboration piece with Mitch Paone that was supposed to suggest a sense of community. There are stills of the animation, or you can view the piece by clicking either "small" or "large" above the viewing frame. The animation is very simple, but well thought out. The limited color pallete draws your attention to the text in the first part, then to an individual in a community in the second part. The way the "camera" moves solidifies the maze-like idea.
I love how they achieved a sense of unity in the whole piece when the individual elements are very different. I also love the abstract interpretation of the original idea.

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