Sunday, October 7, 2007

Diane Lopes 001

Colorless by asuka111 at first glance would seem a scanned piece painted by hand in watercolors, and certainly that is the most intriguing part of this piece, but it's actually a digital painting, expertly manipulated to look like watercolors to simulate the effect of the rain. The artist blended a realistic feel in coloring with the black outlined figure and the piece's liquid, melted texture provides a uniformity in style. The low saturation color choice mutes and washes out the piece and monochromatic blues, except a few punches of red dotting the cables, add to the wet feel of it. With the contrast of the lighter background, growing hazier as it goes off into the distance, and the darker foreground's amount of greater detail, as well as the lines created from the electric wires and the rain drops, the viewer's eye is directly pulled to the off center figure and her seemingly melting umbrella.

The thing I like most about this piece is the perfect capturing of a rainy day calm. The internal struggle of the girl's thoughtful sadness in her blank expression and shadowed face. The stillness of it, a capturing of a moment in her life. The overall sadness and calm it insights in the viewer with the low level of lighting, as if the sun is barely shining through the clouds. Certain area's seem to be melting, like the figures coat, rather then just dripping with rain water and perhaps is a metaphor to the depression of the girl, how the rain appears to be affecting her.

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