Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jaclynn Duncan Digital Design - Section 002

When you get to this site you can see that it is made up of very abstract images. The colors go well togher in creating a certain mood for the page. I liked how when you move your mouse across the page, the stretcher follows with it, revealing more abstract images as you go. Though I am not a Marilyn Manson fan, I came across this website and thought that it was really neat how the artist expresses himself in the page. The page has a bit of a creepy sense to me, but the way it was created caught my attention.

The colors used on this page are of a low saturation. The background is made up of light shades of blue, purple and white. The colors to the front help to bring out the 3-dimensional view of the bug on the left and the stretcher that is used to move left and right. The use of red coloring tends to bring out specific detail.

I like the way the photos spin when you hover over them, which makes the page more interesting to view. It makes you want to discover everything on the page to see what all has animation. The page also demonstrates line in how the background is made up of a line and also how the stretcher runs along a straight line horizontally both ways. There are also lines that seem to be "dragging" the stretcher, which move left or right according to mouse movement. There isn't much use of text, but I found the graphics very interesting for not being a Manson fan. His unique style of work stands out to me.

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