Monday, October 8, 2007

Ashley Whitt, Digital Design 2304-002, Blog Excericse

This website includes photography, digital imaging, and interactive media. "Skulls," which is under the imaging category, is a series of nine pieces which depicts images of skulls. Each skull has it's own unique quality, though a few really stood out to me. "Skull #2" is a portrait of a woman layered over a skull. The colors in this piece are warm tones, mainly reds and yellows against a darker background. The color scheme and facial expression of the woman gives the piece a morose quality. "Skull #3" is a skull painted to look like plants. The color and the composition make this piece really stand out against the others, which aren't as brightly colored. "Skull #8" is a humorous take on a skull. The skull's eyes are crossed and it's teeth are clamping down on a metal bar. The facial expression of the skull is amusing but the richness of color on the skull is most impressive. The skull stands out, because it is up against a black and white background. The "Skulls" series, as well as all of the pieces in the Faith Denham gallery, are remarkable.

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