Sunday, October 7, 2007

Karla Stroman Dig Design 2304 001


After looking at a number of websites, I came across this illustrator/designer's personal website. The website is designed in a low saturation complimentary color scheme of purple and green with a few spots of neutral colors to break it up. I really like this website because it fits great with what he is trying to present himself as.. an illustrator. The website looks as if it was hand drawn out from the text to the blots and random shapes of color painted on the background. Even the text chosen and the line quality around the menu boxes looks non-computer generated. His site is very easy to manuever around and I really enjoyed his ability to fill up the entire webspace without making it look cluttered. Also, I really enjoyed seeing this man's artwork. His use of line quality and color is amazing and the concepts behind is artwork are very original and just lighthearted and fun to view. Also, on the right side of the work page there is a small box titled The Bear. You can choose a number of different things to drag and drop into the box with the bear and watch him interact with the objects. It held my attention for a while. Maybe a little too long!

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