Monday, October 8, 2007

Lynn Crow digital design 003

This digital work of art is very nicely done. There is a definite feeling of space behind the character. The perspective is also amazing. The character's hand is clear, while his face is blurry. It looks like a cartoon photograph. Also the table to the character's left has perspective. There is value throughout the whole room. Also where the character was placed really adds to the overall impact of the piece; it is very balanced. The hand emphasizes the coin that is being tossed, but you also notice the background at the same time.
I really enjoyed looking through this website. There are some flash cartoons that are just amazing. If I ever have work that comes close to that I will be a happy little camper. The picture that picked really struck me for some reason. I spent a long time looking online for a good digital picture, but I just couldn't find anything. FINALLY! I found this site and it's just great. I really really like it.

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