Saturday, October 6, 2007

Casey Kopecky- Digital Design- MW8

The work I chose is titled "Spool T-shirt"; when you go to the main website you click the center to enter, then you click on WORK then click on NON MOTION then click the NEXT button (it's on the second page).
The work is simple and yet so much is going on at once. The subjects all appear to be under water by the sway of the bubbles and the stems of the plants. By adding the swirls of motion under the turtle's feet give the affect of clouds of sand being pushed away from the turtle's attempt to move ahead. By not having any artist statement or written description I'm left with assuming that it could possibly be an environmental piece.I enjoy the three simple colors of blues, yellow,and orange;at the same time it would appeal more with more colors.(
-Casey Kopecky

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