Sunday, October 7, 2007

Andrea Flores 002

This website is a compilation of recent works by a group of designers in web, print and motion design. The assortment of works are displayed in thumbnails over basic neutrals: black background and white menu links. The thumbnails have high saturation of color which is a key factor in the asymmetrical balance of the website. The much needed neutral elements work well and keep the emphasis on the thumbnails.
When a link is opened, the text of that page is white while the page itself opens as a transparent layer over shaded thumbnails of the homepage. Maybe it was just for functionality but I liked this feature on this particular site.
The piece I enjoyed the most was "Alien Action" - the fulldome show. The clip is approximately three minutes long and is about an alien attack. The visual interest is the perspective of a worm's eye view looking directly overhead. While alien ships and robots were destroying earth the 360 degree view was constantly moving. It clearly expressed motion- running while looking into the sky. Even though the action occurs at night, the use of light and color is impressive. The designer is great with high saturation without allowing it to become overwhelming. Overall, I really appreciated the website and all of the designers' works. It takes a great deal of talent to appear effortless and easily accomplishes it. Not to mention the website is easily navigable.

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