Thursday, October 4, 2007

Chad Partain - 002

There’s no question there are a million “awesome” sites, but only a few that really follow the principles of design.

When I first view the homepage of this site I’m immediately drawn into the very center of the page. With its gray background, simple text, and large graphic, it’s clear on what they want you to see first; “FREE GIFT FOR LIFE.” These four words are the basis for the entire site. From there I’m drawn to the images of the people, and then I work my way into the navigation bar. By this time I’m completely involved with this site, and have been on it for more than 8 seconds.

A website should be clear as to where; what you’re looking for, and how to navigate. The negative space between the main graphic and the “navigation bar” is a plus because it’s not competing with the main graphic. On top of that they’ve made the navigation bar fun and interesting by doing something completely different than your usual highlighted text. As you scroll over each one of the words in the navigation bar it circles it as if someone is doing it by hand. Great touch!

Each link/page has the same simplicity throughout the whole site. I’m finding that simplicity is the key for a user-friendly site.

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