Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tim Blackwell Digital Design 002

I found this site on the fwa, it instantly grabbed my attention after seeing "Master Chief" from Halo 3, a new game that has come out for the xbox360 with some of the most amazing graphics microsoft has come out with so far.

The page was pretty nice how it was set up, the colors went well with what they were trying to express which was a battle ground. It had a small introduction then instrustions on how to navigate through it which made it a hundred times easier to navigate through. At multiple points you can click on easily noticable icons and move to another section of the page. It was very well laid out and the main basics of the page was just to screen shot where ever the navigation led you too. So it kind of was a create your own screenshot web page. Needless to say this page was very well thought out, the colors and navigation through it were absolutly amazing. It definatly needs to be checked out.

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