Monday, October 8, 2007

Robert Harper, Digital Design 003

We Work For Them

We Work For Them is a site run by Michael Young and Michael Cina, two young and well-respected graphic designers on the internet and in the real world graphic design communities. Michael Young is a personal favorite of mine having been familiar with some of his work since I picked up my first Photoshop book New Masters of Photoshop when I initially became interested in the field. Their collective ability has been contracted by huge corporations to design commercials and other advertisements and they've also done video installations, digital art for the web among their non-commercial ventures. Their website brings together digital video, abstract fine-art and subtle music/noise to coalesce into what becomes some other entirely new medium. It's not a movie or a commercial or a traditional still image... it's not a song or a music video but something wholly different and it's this innovation that inspires me as an artist first and perhaps commercial graphic designer next.

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