Sunday, October 7, 2007

Daniel Moreno sec 001

In my search of a digital design I came across this very surreal piece. It caught my eye because i enjoy the balance and overall structure of the piece. The color is not too bright, but it still comes out and grabs you. The depth of field is done too perfection as the focal point leads towards the back of the piece. The balance of the red and blues makes it more vibrant. The surreal abstract aspect of the piece is what intrigued me. It feels like a Salvador Dali piece, but done digitally. The reflections on the water happens to create a realistic dream world that looks interesting to explore. The shadows and reflections also create a realistic distance between the objects. The shape of the objects appear to have a three dimensional depth. The lighting is a big part of the piece as the shadows are cast in different directions. The ladder that leads to the bottom is also intriguing because it feels like this dream world is endless, just like our imagination.If you can not fully understand an arstist idea in a surreal piece, it might be what the artist intended. I have had some fascination with surreal art in the past couple of weeks and this piece gives me more ideas to put forward in my artwork. I enjoy the the feeling of thinking deeper about a piece than just a normal piece of artwork. In all this piece is an example of digital artwork that can be turned into a surreal piece, that requires some thought behind the meaning of it.

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