Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Vicki Nguyen 003

This page is designed for the singer and songwriter, A Fine Frenzy. What makes this website special apart from the music and band itself is the graphics used to enjoy viewing the website. In graphic design, I believe that it’s more than art, but a way of communicating to the audience through aesthetically pleasing images. It’s more like a form of advertisement without the ridiculous phrases. Each link carries the same consistency in their design with the style, color scheme, and proportions, yet has their own minor modifications. The images never stray from the subject and theme in any of the pages. There are interactive images, and independently moving images. Being able to interact with the page creates more excitement and appealing. The arrangement of this website also succeeds in not cluttering the page to where it’s illegible.

Digital art can be found anywhere on anything, not just as serious pieces or art, but also on every website you see. It just depends whether the designer is actually skillful in using digital media or not to be considered good or bad.

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